Jimmie Smith Chicago IL

First of all….WOW! I absolutely love my headphone. Excellent craftsmanship and sound quality. Thank you very much for sharing your talent with me. Sincerely, Jimmie Smith

Rissa Garcia New York, NY

Absolutely love my ariellollipop…one of the best sounding headphones and built strong, thank you

DJ Broadway New York, NY

What a beautiful piece of art work just made my 1st House CD with this baby I LOVE IT AND THE SOUND HEAVENLY!! Thanks DJ BROADWAY

Katerina Chronis Roots NYC (Cielo Club)

For those that are serious about they MUSIC…. Ariel Lollipop is the ONLY choice!

Hector Romero Def Mix

True craftsmanship from Ariel – I love my custom Sony 7506 – Thank you brother!!! Place your order with him -you won’t regret i

Des Uno New York, NY

Ariel Lollipop, Master Craftsmanship & Professionalism..

Samuel Rojas San Jose, CR

THANK U Ariel Lollipop amazing !!!!

Marco Perez

I also use a lollipop headphone from the great Ariel. Best headphone I ever had!!

DJ BigRay New York, NY

Love my lollipop!!!


This is absolutely the BEST lollipop I have ever seen or heard. The craftsmanship is astounding. Thank you so much for this headphone. I will recommend everyone I know. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon. Peace and Blessings.. 


The build quality, craftsmanship and the sound is amazing...Ariel, you did it again bro