Often revered as one of the best light men in NYC’s club scene, Ariel has without a doubt seen and heard just about everything the House scene has to offer.  From his career starting gig at Club Tracks as a light man working his magic alongside legendary Dj’s David Depino, Danny Krivit and Larry Levan to his later stint at Sound Factory with other greats like Junior Vasquez, Louie Vega and Frankie Knuckles to the legendary Vinyl with Danny Tenaglia, Shelter and Body & Soul, Ariel has been the lighting man in NYC for some time now.

"In addition to his lighting work, Ariel has developed a line of high fidelity lollipop headphones and has been venturing into music production—natural outgrowths for a New York icon who has made dance music his life’s work." -Dennis Kane for insomniac.com 


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